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We are now closed for the season. Reopening April, 2023.

About Us

Blue Lake Bin Cleaning was created to provide an environmentally responsible solution to dirty bins.

At Blue Lake Bin Cleaning we have identified a need for the sanitizing of our community bins. We recognize the positive environmental impact that having garbage, recycling and compost bins provide. We also recognize that no one wants to go near a smelly bin, especially during the hot summer days.

Our goal is to provide an efficient, affordable, curbside bin-cleaning service for your community. We want to provide our clients with protection from the hazards of bacterial and fungal infections that have been commonly detected in, on and around soiled bins.

No More Overpowering Odors

Blue Lake is taking an organic approach to disinfecting and deodorizing the wheelie bin. When we get done with your bin, it will smell as fresh as a bouquet of roses; no more nose plugging.

Hoses Away, We'll Make Your Day

Save yourself money, save yourself work and keep your precious time for better things. Blue Lake uses our own water system and our specialized equipment works flawlessly in one contained unit.

Rid Your Wheelie Bin Of Residue

From the back alley to the front of your home, we always keep it neat and tidy. The transformation of your wheelie bin is all that you will notice; we take away the mess and leave you no stress.

Keep Bugs At Bay, We Wash Them Away

No one wants disease carrying bugs living in their wheelie bins. These bugs can reek havoc with people and pets, potentially causing many different illnesses. At Blue Lake, we take the utmost care in sterilization.


Our Services

Whatever your requirements may be: residential, industrial or commerical, Blue Lake Bin Cleaning is the one for you. Utilizing only 100% biodegradable cleaning products, which are environmentally responsible and pet safe, you get a sanitized odor free bin. We will provide you with a Wheelie Bin and Industrial Bin Cleaning service that is first rate. That’s our promise, we are the best! We guarantee that you get sanitized bins in a timely manner whenever you “scents” the need.

Our goal is to take something as simple as a bin cleaning and elevate it to the highest level of professionalism. We achieve this goal with a continued focus on our commitment to quality and the environment, while respecting local regulations.


Our Prices

(please note that in order to preserve this pricing, we do have a 2-bin minimum)

One Time Bin Cleaning


2 Week Bin Cleaning


4 Week Bin Cleaning


8 Week Bin Cleaning



After your bins have been emptied, we will come and clean them bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or on a one time basis. We use sustainably sourced water, steam and biodegradable cleaning products. Rest assured our cleansing techniques and environmentally friendly products will ensure a completely sanitized and deodorized bin.


We will visit your property after your waste containers have been emptied and each container will be cleaned on a flexible and agreed upon work schedule. We use sustainably sourced water, steam and biodegradable cleaning products. As always, we leave all bins deodorized and sanitized to the highest standard.


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