Dirty bins? No problem!

What is the reasoning behind having my wheelie bin professionally serviced?

Getting rid of deadly bacteria and super breeder insects require the use of something more powerful than your garden hose. The sanitation process that we utilize is truly the only way to be sure that your bin is safe to be handled. Blue Lake’s professional service will give you peace of mind and protection for your home, family (including pets) and your business, (staff and customers. Everyone benefits from a clean wheelie bin.

How often should my residential wheelie bin be cleaned?

Blue Lake can confidently say that cleaning your wheelie bins every two weeks brings the most effective results, although we have options for a reduced or one time cleaning schedule.

Will you be using hazardous chemicals?

At Blue Lake we only use environmentally friendly products. This means that we use nothing hazardous and all of our cleaning products are completely biodegradable.

Do you use recycled water?

No. The risk of cross contamination is too great. Used bin cleaning water is considered regulated waste and needs to be disposed of correctly. We clean bins at hospitals, child care centers, aged care facilities, food processing plants, cafes and kitchens where the purest water is required for cleaning. We use clean drinkable tap water and DO NOT try to filter and recycle otherwise used bin water to wash your bin.

Can you provide evening or weekend cleaning for commercial bins?

Absolutely, all that is required is for us to have sufficient notice.

Are you able to clean large quantities of bins?

No problem. With sufficient notice Blue Lake can organize a schedule to ensure that all of the bins get serviced. We will ensure the job is completed as quickly as possible with the least amount of interruption to your workplace.

What happens if I change residences?

Blue Lake has tried to make things as simple as possible, therefore if you were to move from your current residence and you are still within our boundaries we will make an adjustment and continue your service. If you move outside of our boundaries then we will provide a final cleaning and terminate your account.

What areas do you currently service?

Blue Lake covers Calgary’s SE, SW, NE, NW. Okotoks coming soon!

How do I contact you to place my order?

Just go to our contacts page and follow the sign up instructions.

What if there is garbage still left in my bin?

Don’t fret. If the city has not picked up your waste, we will simply reschedule. If a small amount of debris is left in the bin, then our friendly staff will remove the debris and continue to the sanitation  process. If you have unintentionally filled your bin, then Blue Lakes reserves the right to reschedule and you receive no charge.